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March 8 every year is International Women's Day, or International Women's Day. On this day, the women of the Tanzania Communications Association unite with their fellow women around the world to celebrate this important day. It is on this day that women meet and discuss the success they have achieved in various sectors, the challenges they are experiencing, and how to face those challenges.

For this year, the slogan of this day this year is "Innovation and Innovation of Technology: Yeast in bringing Gender Equality." With this theme, the World wants to see the importance of women focusing on technology and creativity, in order to be able to continue fulfilling their dreams in various fields.

It is now time for women and girls to make good use of technology to get rid of issues of economic empowerment through the creation of various jobs and activities for the construction of the Nation and the family as a whole.

Historically, this day is celebrated with the aim of reminding her of the political, social, and economic results achieved by women, the strong position at the community level, and increasing the momentum in the struggle for gender equality.

Uniquely, the Women of the Tanzania Communications Association use this celebration to do various social activities including cleaning hospital areas, donating blood, and giving gifts to groups with special needs to meet human needs.

For this year 2023, the women of TTCL have participated in the celebrations held at the Regional level, up to the National level and involving the women of Institutions, companies, organizations, and special groups of mothers to carry banners with various designs in line with the slogan of this year's celebrations. In addition, the women have used the celebration to visit patients at the Ocean Road Cancer Institute in Dar es Salaam.

While at the hospital, the women have handed over various equipment including 30 cartons of Pampas, 7 cartons of powdered soap, 4 cartons of hand sanitizer, 7 cartons of seedling soap, and 10 cartons of toothpaste as part of a unique way to celebrate the Day of International Women in the World while the goal is to apologize to the patients and congratulate the staff and service providers for the work they do in serving the patients at the hospital.

Along with these acts of compassion, they have had the opportunity to visit patients in different wards and talk to them to give them words of comfort.

In another step, the women have expressed their sincere thanks to the TTCL Management for continuing to support this celebration where the association provides funds to achieve the goals intended by the group of women within the organization.

Historically, International Women's Day was first celebrated in 1911 when eleven nations gathered a hundred women when they started celebrating this day. In 1908, a total of fifteen thousand women marched in New York City demanding reduced working hours, reasonable wages, and the right to vote. In 1909, a woman by the name of Clara Zetkin proposed the establishment of International Women's Day at a meeting of women workers held in the city of Copenhagen in Denmark.