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Integrated Solutions Digital Network (ISDN) is a postpaid solution currently available for corporate and business users in major cities.

ISDN is the digitalization of the access line between the exchange and the customer's premises, with a powerful signaling system associated with it.

The ISDN digital access provides the users with the possibility of initializing end-to-end digital connections that can support Voice, Data and a variety of added solutions. TTCL supports Primary Rate Access (PRA) 30B+D which has 30 bearer channels with 64kb/s capacity each and the solution is intended for those who want to connect ISDN PABXs.

ISDN solution is a fraud free solution and hence guarantees user a secure communication. TTCL enterprise use with ISDN solutions will also be able to use ISDN VAS solutions such as;

  • Calling Line Identification (CLI)
  • Multiple subscriber numbers (MSN)
  • Direct Dialing Inward (DDI)
  • Call forwarding
  • Conference call
  • Sub addressing (SUB)

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How to Subscribe

Visit nearest TTCL customer Service office available countrywide or call 100 by using your TTCL line or Call 022 2100100 from any network