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Welcome to T-PESA  insurance services. Getting third-party or comprehensive motor cover. Pay for your vehicle’s insurance, and receive your cover note and policy easily through your mobile phone. We have partnered with several insurance companies so you can be sure that you can buy insurance from your insurer of choice.

Initiating and following up on claims has also been made easy. Initiate claims seamlessly through your mobile phone and receive regular updates on the status of your claim. Bima na T-PESA is a Service on your T-PESA menu that allows customers to purchase
Insurance Services. T-PESA customers can purchase Insurance to safeguard against unforeseen events or financial shocks. 

Insurance Offed by T-PESA



Dial *150*71#

Select number #6 Bima na T-PESA

Select Language (1.English 2.Swahili)

Select the Type of Car Insurance 1. Third-party Private Car (Private) 2.Third-party Bajaji (3-wheeler) 

Please enter your Private Third party Registration Number

Please confirm that you wish to purchase a private Third party having Registration number T000AAA (1. Yes 2. No)

Please enter your TIN Number

You are buying Private for 1 Year for the premium amount of TZS 000000 (Press 1 to confirm)

You are about to purchase private Third-party Insurance. Shortly you will be prompted to enter your T-PESA Pin to confirm the purchase

Enter PIN to confirm payment


Dial *150*71#

Choose number 6 Select Language (1. English 2. Swahili).

Select Insurance (1. Home Owners policy 2. Safari Njema 3. Private Third-party).

Please enter your full name (as on the ID, Passport, or Voting card).

Please enter your TIN number.

Please enter a location (Plot No/ Namba ya Makazi, Kimara Dar es Salaam).

Please select the cover section (1. Building 2. Contents)

Please select Sum Insured. You are buying a House Owner policy Building for 1 Year for a premium TZS 177,000.

Press 1 to confirm.

Your request to buy Home Owners Insurance Policy has been submitted successfully.

Shortly you shall receive an SMS with an inspection link.

Enter Your PIN to confirm payment of 177,000 to 000000: Jubilee Insurance.


Dial *150*71#

Select number 6 BIMA NA T-PESA

Select Language (1. English 2. Swahili )

Select the type of Insurance (1. Home Owner policy 2. Safari Njema 3. Private third-party)

Select number 2

Please enter your full name (as on your ID, passport, or voting card)

Please Enter the date of birth (01/12/1999).

Please enter the name of your Beneficiary.

Please enter the mobile number of your Beneficiary.

Select your plan (1. TZS 200 (3 DAYS) 2. TZS 15,000 (6 MONTHS) 3. TZS 25,000 (1 YEAR).

You are buying Safari Njema (200) 3 Days cover for a premium of TZS 200. Press 1 to confirm.

You are about to purchase a Safari Njema shortly you will be prompted to enter your T-PESA Pin to confirm the purchase.

Enter the PIN to confirm payment of TZS 200 to JUBILEE INSURANCE