Sunday, October 22, 2017

Multi-Conference Calling (CC) is a supplementary solution that adds value to TTCL lifestyle subscriber on both fixed (or landline) and mobile. The solution allows a TTCL subscriber to talk to many people on a single call thereby simplifying social events like meetings for various purposes.

The subscriber decides the time to start and end a conference call and allow conference members to join the conference at their convenience. Through conference calling TTCL customer enjoys;

>> Cost reduction for meetings you avoid hiring meeting venue, travelling costs
>> Time saving for meetings and discussions by avoiding traveling time for many people allowing them to time for other business issues
>> No risks arising from travelling
>> Convenience of sharing or contributing to related issues on a single call

Conference calling is up to 6 members for mobile originated conference and 20 members for fixed (or landline) originated conference. Members can be either mobile or fixed.

* How to get the service:
Visit nearest TTCL customer Service office available countrywide or call 100 by using your TTCL line or call 022 2100100 from any network

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