Sunday, October 22, 2017

SIP Trunk Solution

A SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunk is a solution that allows businesses with an installed private branch exchange (IP-PBX) to use real-time communications including VoIP. By connecting a SIP trunk to an internal NGN (next generation network) or traditional PSTN (public switched telephone network) phone system, companies can communicate over IP outside the enterprise. A SIP-Trunking solution creates a single conduit for multimedia components including voice, video and data, all of which integrate into a company’s existing phone system. SIP-Trunking features typically include local and long-distance calling, emergency calling, directory listing and caller ID. Enterprise users with SIP solution from TTCL will be;

• Eliminating the need to invest in costly (and less capable) TDM-gateway equipment infrastructure or desktop equipment.

• Reducing monthly expenses, since only one connection for data and voice is needed.

• Eliminating the need for PRI (primary rate interface)/BRI (basic rate interface) connections, lowering telephony costs.

• Allowing companies to outsource their PSTN connectivity to a third party, reducing long-distance charges.

• Accessing the benefits of a hosted VoIP solution, without discarding existing investments in a traditional phone system.

How to get service:

Visit nearest TTCL customer Service office available countrywide or call 100 by using your TTCL line or call 022 2100100 from any network

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