Sunday, October 22, 2017

IP Transit

TTCL IP TRANSIT solution is designed for Internet Solution Providers (ISPs), carriers and large corporations, and provides an efficient and the fastest dedicated (fully duplex) access to the Internet Contents. TTCL’s IP PoP enable direct peering with largest global content delivery networks and platforms. Connectivity to TTCL IP PoP will always ensure the operator or ISP is ahead of competitors;

One-stop-shop solution: Global route coverage provides for Internet connectivity

Route optimization: Shortest routing path offers route optimization

Route redundancy: Connection through multiple submarine cables to Western Europe, Middle and far East, Southern Africa and America.

Route reliability: Diverse and redundant routing options offer route reliability

Optimum speed: High-performance backbone provides optimum speed through IPLC backbone links

High quality solution: Provide high quality solution with carrier-grade facilities

Direct Peering: Shortest path to content resources and content delivery networks

24-hour customer support: 24x7 customer support offers customers reliable solutions and support

How to get service:

Visit nearest TTCL customer Service office available countrywide or call 100 by using your TTCL line or call 022 2100100 from any network

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