Sunday, October 22, 2017


1. What do I need to start enjoying TTCL 4G LTE services?

Answer: In order for a customer to start enjoying TTCL 4G LTE services, the customer must first fulfil the below conditions:

  • A customer must sign the contract with TTCL at the nearest TTCL office (Post-paid Customer)
  • A customer must be registered by TTCL agent or at any TTCL shops/office (Pre-Paid Customer)
  • A customer must have a special TTCL 4G LTE SIM card. (Both Pre-Paid & Post-Paid Customers)
  • A customer must have a compatible device i.e. The device that supports 4G LTE technology (Both Pre-Paid & Post-Paid customers)
  • A customer must be in TTCL 4G LTE coverage areas. (Both Pre-Paid & Post-Paid customers)
  • A customer must have purchased a 4G LTE Internet Package/ recharge his or her 4G LTE account. (Pre-Paid Customer)

2. How do I know if my device supports 4G LTE?

Answer: All TTCL 4G LTE devices (Routers/MI-FIs/Modems) will be labeled with word β€˜β€™LTE β€˜β€™ to indicates that the device supports 4G LTE.


For mobile phones go through Settings ---- More --- Mobile Network --- Network mode / Preferred Network Mode. Thus, the mobile phone which support 4G LTE will have GSM/WCDMA/4G or LTE , alternatively will be 2G/3G/4G or LTE.

3. How can I recharge my 4G LTE devices?

Answer: TTCL 4G LTE devices can be recharged via the following means:

  • By visiting any TTCL shop
  • Through any POS - Point of Sales ( Maxmalipo/Selcom/Nitak/EzyTel)
  • Through Customer self-care Portal via TTCL Website.

4. How do I purchase TTCL 4G LTE Bundles/Packages?

Answer: Once you have sufficient balance in your TTCL 4G LTE account, you can purchase any TTCL 4G LTE bundle/package you want by dialing *148*30# or through customer self-care portal which is available in TTCL website.

5. How do I know if my package is expired?

Answer: Once, your 4G LTE internet package is expired, you will be automatically redirected to the recharge portal available on the TTCL website. And also, notification will be sent to the customer upon package expiry.

6. Can I subscribe to more than one package/bundle?

Answer: Yes. Multiple subscriptions are allowed but the all the packages/ bundles will expire based on time of the last package/bundle to subscribe.